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If you are interested in purchasing my work, please contact me directly.  I will be able to send you up to date photos of the pieces I have in stock, specific to your interests, as well as give you an accurate price for selected items sent to your address.

Rock Pools 2009

Locally harvested clay; limestone, zinc and iron ore glazes; hand-built; gas fired to stoneware temperatures; approx. 4cm h., 8cm d. (each).  Presented on matching local stoneware slab dish.

Ponds 2009

Various stoneware clays, limestone glazes, iron ore decoration.  Large platter, approx. 40cm d., small platters (foreground), approx. 10-12cm d., ‘rock pool’, 4cm h.

Gas fired to 1300°C.

Sea Platters with Rock Pool

High iron stoneware clays, iron ore decoration, limestone glazes, hand-built.  Platters approx. 24cm d.

Gas fired, stoneware temperature.

Of Stone and Water

Recycled stoneware and local clay, limestone, zinc and iron ore glazes.  Cup approx. 13cm h.

Gas fired to 1300°C