elise bishop

Unique, hand-made, functional ceramics

recent work

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Hand-built pitcher.  Stoneware. Iron ore decoration.  Limestone glaze. 27cm h.  Photo: the artist

Water Carrier

Hand-built pitchers.  Despite their forward thrust, these are stable with or without water included.  Stoneware.  Iron ore decoration, limestone glaze.  22cm & 29cm h.  Photo: the artist

Pair of Water Carriers

Stoneware platters collaged.  Iron ore decoration.  Limestone glaze.  33cm h, 43cm w.  Photo: the artist

Reservoir I Wall Hanging

Stoneware, hand built (pinch pot), made from local hand-dug clay. Limestone and iron-ore glazes.  20cm w/d,  11cm h.  Photo: the artist

Water & Stone

Stoneware platter and rock pools.  Mix of clays, including local hand-dug clay.  Stamped decoration.  Limestone glaze (interior of rock pools).  Rock pools: 4cm h/w, platter: 40cm w, 22cm d.  Photo: the artist

Hand-built  bowl