elise bishop

Unique, hand-made, functional ceramics

Stream of Ponds.† Set of 4 sushi servers.† Stoneware, porcelain, limestone glaze.† Approx. 17cm d., 4cm h., each.

Kia Ora.

Welcome to my web presence!† In this site you will find up to date images of my ceramic works, as well as information on what motivates me to make objects from clay.† There is also a bit of an outline of the processes I employ to make my work.† If you have any queries at all, please contact me directly.

About Me

I have been making objects from clay since I was 5 years old.†† I gave up my music industry job 4 years ago to become a full time ceramicist, and I will be making objects from clay for the rest of my life.


To me, making music and forming clay are two very similar processes.† Ideally, one becomes so deeply involved in the process of making (music or pots), that there is nothing else in that moment - no consciousness of the external, and no self-consciousness - itís all about now, and that oneness with the material, for however long it may last.† With music, once itís over, it is gone (unless it was recorded, but that is another process altogether); with clay, one is left with something, a tangible object, hopefully a good one.


I live in Ballarat in Victoria, Australia, at the moment, and I have a habit of crossing the Tasman Sea, back and forth, living sometimes in New Zealand, where I was born, and sometimes in Australia, where I went to school.


I have a deep appreciation of the natural environment, a tendency to end up renovating houses with my timber enamored partner, and an enjoyment of the company of dogs.

News as of June 2009

Yipee!!† On the 6th of August, Iím off to Gangjin, South Korea, to take part in the Gangjin Celadon Festival.† I will be part of a contingent of international artists, exhibiting and demonstrating as part of the festivities.† I will have the fantastic opportunity of learning from some of Koreaís most respected ceramic artists, and will visit ancient kilns and villages which still support hundreds of potters!

I am grateful, in this endeavour,† for the support of the Commonwealth through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.